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About Us

​BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc. was established in 1995 to provide engineering and environmental services to government and private clients.  Combining practical experience and a thorough understanding of environmental regulations, we produce economically and ecologically sound projects at the land-water interface.  Our multidisciplinary team of planners, engineers and scientists employ a can-do approach to each project and are focused to deliver assessments, permits, designs and construction on-time and within budget.​

Mission Statement

We have always studied and revered the interrelationship between land and water in the natural environment.  The human pursuit to develop, occupy and use these sensitive areas has required that we be advocates for smart planning, analyses and designs to minimize impacts and optimize enhancements through projects created and implemented by BayLand.  Our dedicated team of planners, engineers and scientists will guide client projects through the myriad of technical and regulatory issues to produce safe, sensible, timely and cost effective solutions for every client need, whether it is low impact development or high impact environmental restoration.