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​​​​​​​Dredging and Navigation

Sample Projects

From commercial shipping channels to recreational boating access, BayLand has a rich history in waterway dredging and dredged material management.  Our team of experts have developed and implemented over 80 navigation channels in the Chesapeake Bay and mid-Atlantic Region.  We have extensive hands-on experience with dredged material that enables us to maximize benefits and minimize costs to manage its excavation, disposal, beneficial use and reuse.  We have successfully developed and implemented over 20 dredged material placement sites in various environmental and community settings. Our comprehensive servicing of all tidal waterway needs from initial bathymetry through permitting, design, construction management, monitoring and installation of navigation aids provides a "one-stop-shop" for all dredging and navigation needs. ​

Photo_Foster_Branch_Boats_Listing_in_Channel.jpgJoppatowne Waterway Improvement Project (Dredging)
Harford County, Maryland
BayLand performed all planning, permitting, and design of three major recreational boating channels, reclamation and design of dredged material placement (DMP) site, preparation of construction cost estimates, final plans and specifications for dredging and DMP construction, construction management services and post construction monitoring.  The three navigation channels were dredged to restore access to the general boating public.  Approximately 65,000 CY of material from these projects was placed at the restored DMP site in Mariner Point Park.
WheelCreekSWMImperviousAreas.tiffBird River Channel Improvements (Dredging)
Baltimore County, Maryland
The final improvements included dredging nearly 100,000 CY of material from more than 5-miles of main navigation channels and 47 individual private connecting spur channels.  Project required construction of a 19-acre, 220,000 CY dredged material placement (DMP) site.  BayLand performed all planning, permitting and design services associated with this project.
Photo_PlumtreeRunWA.jpgUpper Bush River / Otter Point Creek Channel Improvements (Dredging)
Harford County, Maryland
Dredging project included approximately 15,000 LF of channel, over 32,000 CY of dredged material and creation of a new 17-acre DMP site with an 181,000 CY capacity.  BayLand completed tasks necessary for project formulation, sediment characterization, permitting, design and services during construction.  Park amenities including a 1-mile paved biking/jogging path were including in the DMP design.
County-wide Dredging and Dredged Material Management
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
For the past 15 years, BayLand has been under contract to support and assist the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works (DPW) in planning, permitting, design and construction management of numerous recreational boating channel dredging projects.  The work included every aspect of dredging project development including field, technical and management tasks, all of which were performed by BayLand in-house staff.   BayLand has completed 30 projects in their entirety and 13 of which were in the past five years.
County-wide Beneficial Use Project
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
BayLand has provided engineering, technical support and expertise for implementation of five beneficial use of dredged material projects throughout Anne Arundel County.  These projects provided needed beach nourishment on eroding shorelines, provided suitable substrate for habitat restoration and avoided occupying much needed capacity in the County DMP facilities that resulted in significant construction savings. In order to maximize the number of waterway improvements completed and to maximize benefits to County citizens and the environment, BayLand researches and networks to facilitate beneficial use of dredged material whenever possible.​