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​​​​Estuarine Restoration

Sample Projects

Restoration of tidal areas has become increasingly important as urbanization and related impacts have occurred in our estuaries.  Whether impacted by development and increased sedimentation or from an unexpected event such as a sewerage spill or industrial discharge, BayLand provides a full suite of technical services to support estuarine restoration projects.  From impacts assessment and recovery monitoring to full scale restoration of impaired waterways, BayLand engineers and scientists have established various estuarine restoration assessment techniques that direct the appropriate level of study and intervention to expedite recovery of impaired tidal waterways.  We have the personnel, equipment and technology to plan, permit, design and implement multifaceted tidal restorations including sediment removal and management, submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) mapping and management, living shorelines and intertidal marsh creation and water quality management.​​

Photo_Foster_Branch_Boats_Listing_in_Channel.jpgMill Creek Headwaters Restoration
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
BayLand completed a comprehensive restoration plan which included elements for environmental dredging, intertidal marsh creation, submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) enhancement and upland retrofits.  The plan was developed with close coordination with federal and State regulatory agencies, community representatives and the Scientific Review Committee.  The total project involves over 27,000 SF or marsh plantings, 62,000 SF of environmental dredging totaling 7,000 CY of material and 21,000 SF of SAV preservation and enhancement area.  The project is currently under construction and marsh plantings are being coordinated.
WheelCreekSWMImperviousAreas.tiffIsle of Wight SAV/Seagrass Transplanting
Worchester County, Maryland
BayLand designed and implemented an independent monitoring program to monitor success of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) or transplanting at Isle of Wight.  BayLand completed a Monitoring Report in January 2005 and continued to monitor the site through 2008. 
Photo_PlumtreeRunWA.jpgRockhill Beach Cove Restoration
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Rockhill Beach Cove, a tributary of Rock Creek, was subject to high sedimentation from a failing storm drain system.  After completing repairs and improvements to the storm drain system up-stream of the project site, BayLand was contracted to remove the tidal sediment deposits, restore limited boating access and to restore shallow water habitat throughout the cove.  The project consisted of environmental dredging, stream channel stabilization and a marsh creation at the tidal interface of the cove.
Upper Chesapeake Bay SAV Monitoring Program
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
BayLand has performed over 1,000 submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) surveys throughout the upper and central Chesapeake Bay over the past ten years.  We have created a GIS database that houses over 18,700 acres of SAV data for 12,000 individual SAV beds.  Each bed has an individual identification number and 13 other parameters associated with it such as species, bed density, maximum depth and area.