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​​​Stormwater Management and Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Project Examples​

BayLand has become deeply rooted in the evolution of modern stormwater regulations particularly with the advent of the Maryland 2000 regulations and subsequent regulations and guidelines which implemented the environmental site design (ESD) approach.  We have honed our abilities to develop practical and implementable watershed management plans, stormwater BMPs and stream restorations that are highly effective in achieving TMDL and NPDES MS4 goals.  SWM facility analysis and design is part of BayLand's core technical services.  We are regularly engaged in evaluation and design of new facilities, retrofitting existing facilities and developing BMPs to achieve higher water quality standards and habitat value. We have extensive experience performing hydrology and hydraulic, floodplain and watershed modeling and we incorporate low impact development (LID) design techniques for our essential infrastructure work.  Although our focus is toward smart, efficient and effective watershed BMP designs that meet the regulatory mandates, we continue to deliver meaningful habitat gains with each most project design.  ​ 

City of Rockville SWM Pond Retrofits
Montgomery County, Maryland
BayLand was contracted under its open-end SWM and ecological services contract with the City of Rockville DPW to provide retrofit design and permitting services for the rehabilitation of three aging SWM facilities - Aintree Drive Pond, Locks Court Pond, and Potomac Wood Park Pond. BayLand produced three retrofit designs that would maximize water quality treatment within the current facility footprint. In all, the retrofit designs will provide 51 acres of impervious area treatment and 252, 66, and 34,200 pounds per year removal of Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, and Total Suspended Solids respectively. BayLand provided construction management inspection services for all three pond projects, including as-built drawings and certifications.

Magothy River SWM Pond Retrofits
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
To meet NPDES MS4 permit requirements, Anne Arundel County identified seven (7) existing stormwater management facilities that were constructed prior to 2002 and could be retrofitted to achieve additional water quality volume and obtain credit for the County for the treatment of the impervious area within each facility's drainage area. In addition, the County was credited for pollutant reductions towards its TMDL limits. BayLand completed construction inspection services for these ponds, including as-built topographic surveys, drainage area delineation, impervious area and pollutant load computations, and water quality certifications.

Homespun Pond and Patriot Lane Pond SWM Rehabilitation
HowardArundel County, Maryland
BayLand was competitively selected based on qualifications and cost for the permitting, design, and construction management of two regional SWM facilities located in Columbia, MD. BayLand's design approach was to rehabilitate both facilities to meet current Maryland Dam Safety Standards, provide significant and cost efficient increases to water quality volume, create habitat enhancements, and improve aesthetic features. Both projects were designed to maximize the treatment of water quality volume. BayLand provided construction managment inspection services for both pond projects, including as-built drawings and certifications .
Friends Park Pond Rehabilitation
Harford County, Maryland
Friends Park Pond, also known as Forest Hill Lake, is a State-owned facility located on Jarrettsville Road within Friends Park at Forest Hill, Maryland.  Previous dam inspection reports indicated that the pond embankment is in very poor condition and requires major repairs.  The Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) contracted BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc. to take on several aspects of the Friends Park Pond Rehabilitation Project.  BayLand developed the rehabilitation design, performed permitting, topographic surveys, H&H analysis and bid documents.  BayLand will act as Engineer-in-Charge during construction.

​​Leonardtown.jpgLeonardtown Municipal Parking Lots 1, 2 and 3
St. Mary's County, Maryland
The Leonardtown Municipal Parking Lot projects were designed to utilize Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater management and serve as a progressive and greener style of municipal parking.  The parking lots serve as an example for the Town to encourage developers to adopt similar environmentally friendly designs.