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​​​​​​​Watershed Restoration

Sample Projects

Watershed assessments have been an essential element of BayLand's services and specialization since our inception in 1995.  Following completion of over 20 watershed retrofit studies designed to identify sources of sedimentation to projects located in the tidal waterway to help sustain our dredging and estuarine restorations, we expanded our mission to include full scale assessment of watersheds.  Our assessments now thoroughly and accurately document the condition and contribution each subwatershed has on the health of stream and tidal systems.  We have grown and refined our team by joining forces with Clear Creeks Consulting, LLC allowing us to address small sub-watershed retrofit assessment to large (75+ square mile) comprehensive watershed assessments and watershed management plans including EPA Section 319 Small Watershed Action Plans with pollutant load and pollutant load reduction measures.

Photo_Foster_Branch_Boats_Listing_in_Channel.jpgFoster Branch Sediment Abatement Study
Harford County, Maryland
Harford County Department of Public Works (DPW) hired BayLand to conduct a sediment abatement study which included significant field observations and measurements to identify and calculate sediment loadings to the stream's tidal outfall.  The work included identifying opportunities to implement retrofits, developing and designing concepts and cost estimates, calculating pollutant load reductions of proposed retrofits and preparing a Small Watershed Action Plan to be submitted to EPA for approval.  The purpose of the study was to prepare a strategic plan to reduce sedimentation to Foster Branch to minimize the amount of dredging and tidal water impacts while providing an action plan for improving the overall watershed water quality and habitat value.  "The report looks fantastic… it was difficult to pull together with the added goal for sediment reductions but it works really well as written." ~ Christine Buckley, Harford County DPW.
WheelCreekSWMImperviousAreas.tiffWheel Creek Watershed Assessment
Harford County, Maryland
BayLand, in collaboration with Clear Creek Consulting, LLC​, conducted a detailed assessment of the 435-acre, 27% impervious watershed. The watershed was divided into 8 subwatersheds in order to adequately evaluate the existing hydrologic conditions and to organize the stream assessment and the stormwater BMP assessment.  An extensive assessment report was prepared and was presented by BayLand at a public information and outreach meeting.
Photo_PlumtreeRunWA.jpgPlumtree Run Watershed Assessment
Harford County, Maryland
The Plumtree Run subwatershed encompasses approximately 1,664 acres within the Bush River Watershed.  Plumtree Run and its tributaries total approximately 7.4 miles of stream channel that originate in the Town of Bel Air.  The assessment identified, defined and prioritized restoration projects that will improve the stability of streams; create/restore terrestrial and aquatic habitat; and improve water quality within the Bush River Watershed.
Whitehall Creek Watershed Assessment
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
BayLand-Clear Creeks teamed to conduct a field reconnaissance of the 800-acre mixed land use watershed and a detailed geomorphic assessment of Whitehall Creek to identify the location, nature and cause of the channel instability and sedimentation problems.