Prime: BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc.
SUBCONSULTANTS: Clear Creeks Consulting LLC AND envirens, inc.
CONTRACTOR: meadville land service, inc.
Completed: 2017
Construction Cost: $3,033,950

The Haines Branch Mitigation project is a 52-acre steam valley located in Frederick County, Maryland. The project provides for ecological offsets for unavoidable impacts to wetlands and streams from the New Windsor Limestone Quarry expansion. The project totals 22,000 feet of restored or recreated stream channels including single channel and anastomosed-channel systems, 16 acres of riparian buffer, 23 acres of tall warm season grasses, and 8.2 acres of created wetland and open water habitat. The existing valley ecosystem has been degraded; upland and floodplain areas have been over grazed; streambanks trampled; and water quality and in-stream habitat impacted by heavy loads of sediment from adjacent cultivated fields. Wetlands have been drained, stream channels straightened and the surrounding uplands have lost their recharge functions due to deforestation and cultivation. The project included complete integration of streams, wetlands and floodplains thereby restoring aquatic/semi-aquatic ecosystems and fluvial/alluvial riparian interactions and their combined functions.

BayLand provided assessment and design services to develop and implement a Final Mitigation Plan including evaluation, planning, permitting, design, construction cost estimating, bidding services and construction management. The multi-year project was completed in August 2017 on budget and ahead of schedule, with no change order requests from the contractor, Meadville Land Service, Inc. (MLS).

Restoration Highlights

  • 8.2 acres of created wetland and open water habitat
  • 9 groundwater intercept dams (wetland augmentation)
  • Various in-stream structures (5,580 LF of mountable berm, 3,900 of soil fabric lifts, 28 log-boulder step-pools, 4,086 LF of constructed riffles, 2 log-boulder j-hooks, 1,950 LF of toewood, etc.)
  • Bioengineering



  • 52-acre restoration site / 12,600 feet of stream valley / 1,166-acre drainage area
  • 12,600 feet of restored or recreated stream channels including single channel and 9,000 feet anastomosed-channel systems with islands
  • 16 acres of riparian buffer
  • 23 acres of tall warm season grasses
  • Vegetation included incorporating 3 acres wetland soil media, seeding and mulching 90 acres, planting 6,853 trees and shrubs, 11,783 bare root/tubelings, 86,278 herbaceous species and installing 3,457 live stakes
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