Lake Sediment Management Plans - Wilde Lake, Lake Kittamaqundi and Lake Elkhorn
Howard County, MD

CLIENT: Columbia Association
Prime: BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc.
Completed: 2013

Columbia, Maryland is one of the best known and successful planned communities in the United States. The Columbia Association (CA) owns and maintains over 3,500 acres of permanent open space which includes three prominent man-made lakes: Wilde Lake, Lake Kittamaqundi and Lake Elkhorn. Following investments of over $15 million to restore the lakes, BayLand was selected by the CA to develop Sediment Management Plans for each of the three lakes.

The management plans developed by BayLand serve to protect and sustain the restored natural, scenic and recreation function of the lakes as well as enhance important flood control, storm water management, water quality and habitat function. The plans incorporate proactive monitoring and management of sedimentation to allow the CA to predict, plan and execute cost efficient dredging in an environmentally sound and prudent manner with minimal disruption to recreation and the community.

A work plan was developed by BayLand to ensure all technical work needed to prepare each sediment management plan was properly identified and executed. The work plan addressed collection and analysis of a historic documents, field studies, preparation of the Sediment Management Plans and public education and outreach. The work plan was organized into four tasks: 1) Historic/Long-Term Sedimentation Analysis; 2) Bathymetric Surveys and Short-Term Sedimentation Analysis; 3) Sediment Monitoring and Management Plans; and 4) Meetings and Public Outreach.

BayLand was also selected for implementation of all three lake sediment management plans and is under contract for bathymetric survey, sediment sampling, permitting, design, and construction management of their maintenance dredging, including development and design of the dredged material placement site.

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