Marine, Dredging & Shoreline


Shoreline Protection & Restoration

Natural coastal erosive forces along with boating activity and waterfront development constantly impact and erode our shorelines. BayLand provides unique expertise to plan, permit, design and manage construction of shoreline protection and restoration projects. We use a variety of design techniques including non-structural natural approaches such as living shorelines and structural techniques sh as revetments and bulkheads. Our expertise in shoreline protection and restoration include living shorelines, beach replenishment, marsh creation, coir logs, stone groins, segmented sills and breakwaters, revetments, stone reinforced bulkheads and jetties. Recently our design of the Colley Bay Living Shoreline in Norfolk, Virginia received the Engineering Excellence Honor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Virginia.

Estuarine Restoration

Restoration of tidal areas has become increasingly important as urbanization and related impacts have moved downstream to our estuaries. Whether impacted by development and increased sedimentation or from an unexpected event such as a sewerage spill or industrial discharge, BayLand provides a full suite of technical services to support estuarine restoration projects. From impacts assessment and recovery monitoring to full scale restoration of impaired waterways, BayLand engineers and scientists have established innovative estuarine restoration assessment techniques that direct the appropriate level of study and intervention to expedite recovery of impaired tidal waterways.

Marine Infrastructure

Sustainable devepment and revitalization of waterfront areas is essential for economic growth and resurgence of shoreline communities. BayLand conducts comprehensive services for marine infrastructure projects including civil, coastal, structural, and mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. We provide a full range of technical services including existing facility assessments, feasibility studies, new facility planning; and permitting, design and construction management for all marine related work. Projects include reconfiguration of community, municipal and commercial marinas; new marina development; improved waterfront access including beaches, natural areas and river walks; waterfront structures including revetments, bulkheads and seawalls; nonstructural shoreline protection including living shorelines; piers and boat ramps; water taxi and ferry landings; dredging and navigation improvements.

Dredging & Navigation

From commercial shipping channels to recreational boating access, BayLand has a rich history in waterway dredging and dredged material management. Our team of experts have developed and implemented over 100 navigation channels in the Chesapeake Bay and mid-Atlantic Region. We have extensive hands-on experience with dredged material that enables us to maximize benefits and minimize costs to manage its excavation, disposal, beneficial use and reuse. We have successfully developed and implemented over 20 dredged material placement sites in various environmental and community settings. Our comprehensive servicing of all tidal waterway needs from initial bathymetry through permitting, design, construction management, monitoring and installation of navigation aids provides a "one-stop-shop" for all dredging and navigation needs.