Anne Arundel County, MD

CLIENT: Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works
Prime: BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc.
Completed: 2015
Construction Cost: $550,000

BayLand provided planning, permitting, design, construction management, grant acquisition and agency / community coordination for the restoration of a rare and globally significant (G4) stream, wetland and tidal marsh complex at the head of Grays Creek off the Magothy River. The marsh was cut off from tidal waters by a 200 linear feet (LF) abandoned sediment trap berm.

Construction elements included excavation of impoundment berm and 5,000 cubic yards (CY) of unsuitable silt and phragmites root mat. Approximately 2,000 CY of Magothy Formation sand dredged from Grays Creek navigation channel was used to construct temporary haul roads through the unstable restoration area. These haul roads were designed to access and transport unsuitable material and were ultimately sculpted into sand hummocks. Cobble weirs were strategically located along the hummocks to direct and distribute stormwater throughout the site to maximize pollutant uptake and exfiltration through sand hummocks. The upstream stream and bog was reconnected by abandoning a 400 LF storm drain pipe and creating a meandering open channel to the wetland restoration site thereby daylighting 1,200 LF of stream that had been piped and buried for 35 years. The downstream tidal interface was designed as a sea level fen with low peatlands protected by a stone sill designed to pass the higher spring tides.

BayLand successfully completed the TEA-21 grant process through Maryland Department of Natural Resources/State Highway Administration and secured a $250,000 grant commitment. BayLand was also instrumental in obtaining smaller grants from the Magothy River Land Trust and Chesapeake Bay Trust, and provided staff to participate in volunteer plantings and wetland monitoring. The restoration was completed in 2005 and over 1,200 LF of stream and 2 acres of rare wetland complex was restored.

All restoration work was completed on-time and within budget allowing the full grant request to be secured. The site has been functional and thriving over the years, enduring several coastal storms.

Restoration Highlights

  • 2 acres phragmites eradication
  • 2 acres of bog habitat creation
  • Open water
  • Sand hummocks
  • Cranberry terraces
  • Tidal marsh - sea level fen
  • Forested wetlands
  • Emergent marsh
  • 2,400 native plants
  • 1,200 LF stream daylighting and stream corridor restoration
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