Town of Vienna Riverwalk
Dorchester County, MD

CLIENT: Town of Vienna
Prime: BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc.
Completed: 2014
Construction Cost: $500,000

BayLand provided planning, permitting, design, and bidding services for major renovations and improvements to the Town’s waterfront. The purpose of the improvements was to rejuvenate the Towns 1,100 foot waterfront area and promote boating access. The project elements included living shorelines, boardwalks, bulkheads, floating piers, boat slips, and canoe launch.

BayLand designed a 307 foot living shoreline project with stone sill with sand fill and over 14,000 square feet of marsh grass plantings. The design also included 300 feet of floating pier and docks to provide 10 slips for transient boaters. BayLand also provided permitting and design services for approximately 800 feet of stone revetment and bulkhead. A 1,100 feet of timber boardwalk which was designed over the revetment, bulkhead, and stone sill to provide an uninterrupted access along the waterfront while providing easy access for boat dockage. BayLand also permitted and designed a canoe launch area with floating pier and timber boardwalk.

BayLand performed all services needed for timely and efficient execution of all project elements.

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